What do you think of people who lead double lives? Why do they do that? Do they lack excitment in their lives?
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If you can't be accepted as who you are, by the people close to you, then you will live a double life.

Or a criminal hiding his past.
I think people live double lives because they are not happy at home or with the people around them. Maybe they can not get people to understand them, so they start doing things and forget their family and friends only temporary.

Or men who are married and go out with other women who are single and lie to them about them being single. When they have an entire family at home. They soon believe in their own lies and start living double lives.

That's a problem that needs serious counseling.
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People who lead double lives normally want to either "spice up" their life by looking for adventure in something else.....like the movie "true lies"..its always exciting to do something new.....and of course if u don't succeed in this "other role" that you are playing you can always depend on your original one....Emotion: wink
Perhaps. But let's take the case of someone who just cannot stop lying and recieves tu enjoyment formbeing able to manipulate lives. Are these people truly evil? After all, many of them just want to be loved and accepted---however, can we overlook that this person's needs to be accepted and loved comed at the cost of deceiving another. Has anyone ever been on either side of this type of situation?
A person who is not honest and upfront is not worth your salt. It's always advisable to stay away from people with multiple personalities since no one would benefit in interacting with such individuals in the long run. They might put you in trouble too.

I'm not sure if such people want to be loved, let's say they want to be 'recognized'.People with multiple personalities have generally led a depressing childhood/past.

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I was on the other side of this situation for 12 years. This guy I really liked told me his divorce just went through about a year into us hanging out. When we first met he said he was separated and that he and his wife still lived together but slept in different beds. Anyway, when he told me he was divorced I believed him. At the time I was young and naive. Looking back, it all makes sense now, the way he acted. Never keeping his word, standing me up, not being able to spend holidays together, never letting himself get too close, not wanting to sleep with me in order to "protect me". Duh, I should have known. But, it never occurred to me. I knew there was a major problem here, but I didn't know what. 12 years later I discovered it on my own and conftonted him. Long story made short. I view him as a pathological liar and a true sociopath. Very charming and a born salesman. An ASSHOLE.
I think that some people want to try new things and new experiences with new people and society tells us this is wrong. Is it truley impossible to want more than one other person in your life, who you may just end up hating in the end. I think as human beings it is impossible for everybodys idea of happiness to be the same. So some are forced to live double lives in fear of what others will think.
I am a 32 year old lady , married with 4 children. stay at home mother, always have been. I lead that double life that everyone is talking about. I have been seeing a 61 year old man( doeant act or look a day over 40) for more then 2 years now. He is married as well. We love our spouses but lack something in the sex department so we found each-other and fill that void. neither of us want a full time life together. I never want a divoice from my husband. same goes for him when it comes to his wife.. The way I see it, if no-one knows then it can't hurt them.. being with this other man keeps me happy at home with my hubby and kids. I not a nagging ***.. so everyone wins..
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