Can you summarize the rules for the usage of double quotation marks and single quotation marks?

Also, kindly tell me how can I make single quotation marks with my keyboard.
Hello, Anon

The usage of quotation marks is different between AmE and BrE.
(AmE) "I'm reading 'War and Peace' by Tolstoy," he said.
(BrE) 'I'm reading "War and Peace" by Tolstoy,' he said.

As to the key for the single quotation mark, I'm sorry I cannot answer. It depends on the computer and the word processing software you are using.

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Thank you. I think I read from some posts from the forum in the past that said, "You put single quotation marks for single words, eventhough I think you can stretch the meaning of "single" in this case to mean more than one word per se, and reserve double quotation marks for quotes. Do I have accurate information on that? Affirm the truth on that please.
Usage of quotation marks is not an issue belonging to grammar but a matter of writing styles. Each of institutions (newspapers, academic societies, etc.) has their own manual of writing styles. If you are interested in them, please have a look at [url=http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Manual_of_Style ] Wiki's Style Guide[/url]. From there you can visit various sites dealing writing styles.