Sunday October 29, 2006
The Observer

The ownership of UK plc has changed dramatically in the past four decades. In 1963, individuals owned more than 50 per cent of the market and overseas investors held just 7 per cent. By 2004, just over 14 per cent was owned directly by small shareholders, despite the privatisation programme of the Thatcher years and the demutualisation of building societies and insurers. Foreign holdings soared to nearly a third of the whole market, but the biggest chunk is controlled by City money managers.

1/ Why is there the in front of observer?

2/ Do just here mean exactly? (just 7 per cent = exactly 7 percent, just over 14 percent = exactly over 14 per cent ?)

3/ Do individuals here mean some individuals?

4/ What are the meaning of Thatcher years , demutualisation, chunk and city money managers?

5/ Do plc here mean companies in the UK in general?

1) Because the newspaper has chosen to use "the" in its name. This really varies.
It means "a specific/special" observer, as opposed to any observer.

2) Only

3) Yes

4) Thatcher years

chunk=large portion

the City


money managers

5) Yes, the UK seen as a large business/company.

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1/ Are Thatcher years the years where Thatcher lived?

2/ How to go to Yahoo?

Tung Quoc1/ Are Thatcher years the years where Thatcher lived?

2/ How to go to Yahoo?

1) >Are the [need "the" as these are specific years] Thatcher years the years when Thatcher lived?
No, only the years when she was PM.


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