Down Down Down,

I am unclear about this word. Could you please help me in this regard as well.

I will come down to have a meeting about your child.
Lets walk down the road.
He kept walking down the river.
I fell down the stairs and broke my leg.
You are always down me.
I am little down with fever.
You have set down your sentences correctly except for:

He kept walking down along the river. (It's hard for most of us to walk on water.)
You are always down on me.
I am down with a little fever.
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Mister Micawber,

First thank you. Secondly it would be very grateful if you please define "DOWN" further. How, when and for what can we use this word? Thirdly could you please translate these sentence in english???

To vast a question, d_say-- and the sentences are already in English!


1.from higher to lower; in descending direction or order; toward, into, or in a lower position: to come down the ladder.
2.on or to the ground, floor, or bottom: He fell down.
3.to or in a sitting or lying position.
4.to or in a position, area, or district considered lower, esp. from a geographical or cartographic standpoint, as to the south, a business district, etc.: We drove from San Francisco down to Los Angeles.
5.to or at a lower value or rate.
6.to a lesser pitch or volume: Turn down the radio.
7.in or to a calmer, less active, or less prominent state: The wind died down.
8.from an earlier to a later time: from the 17th century down to the present.
9.from a greater to a lesser strength, amount, etc.: to water down liquor.
10.in an attitude of earnest application: to get down to work.
11.on paper or in a book: Write down the address.
12.in cash at the time of purchase; at once: We paid $50 down and $20 a month.
13.to the point of defeat, submission, inactivity, etc.: They shouted down the opposition.
14.in or into a fixed or supine position: They tied down the struggling animal.
15.to the source or actual position: The dogs tracked down the bear.
16.into a condition of ill health: He's come down with a cold.
17.in or into a lower status or condition: kept down by lack of education.
18.Nautical. toward the lee side, so as to turn a vessel to windward: Put the helm down!
19.Slang. on toast (as used in ordering a sandwich at a lunch counter or restaurant): Give me a tuna down.
20.in a descending or more remote direction or place on, over, or along: They ran off down the street.
21.downward; going or directed downward: the down escalator.
22.being at a low position or on the ground, floor, or bottom.
23.toward the south, a business district, etc.
24.associated with or serving traffic, transportation, or the like, directed toward the south, a business district, etc.: the down platform.
25.downcast; depressed; dejected: You seem very down today.
26.ailing, esp., sick and bedridden: He's been down with a bad cold.
27.being the portion of the full price, as of an article bought on the installment plan, that is paid at the time of purchase or delivery: a payment of $200 down.
28.Football. (of the ball) not in play.
29.behind an opponent or opponents in points, games, etc.: The team won the pennant despite having been down three games in the final week of play.
30.Baseball. out.
31.losing or having lost the amount indicated, esp. at gambling: After an hour at poker, he was down $10.
32.having placed one's bet: Are you down for the fourth race?
33.finished, done, considered, or taken care of: five down and one to go.
34.out of order: The computer has been down all day.
35.a downward movement; descent.
36.a turn for the worse; reverse: The business cycle experienced a sudden down.
37.Football. a. one of a series of four plays during which a team must advance the ball at least 10 yd. (9 m) to keep possession of it. b. the declaring of the ball as down or out of play, or the play immediately preceding this.
38.Slang. an order of toast at a lunch counter or restaurant.
39.Slang. downer (defs. 1a, b).
–verb (used with object)
40.to put, knock, or throw down; subdue: He downed his opponent in the third round.
41.to drink down, esp. quickly or in one gulp: to down a tankard of ale.
42.Informal. to defeat in a game or contest: The Mets downed the Dodgers in today's game.
43.to cause to fall from a height, esp. by shooting: Antiaircraft guns downed ten bombers.
–verb (used without object)
44.to go down; fall.
45.(used as a command to a dog to stop attacking, to stop jumping on someone, to get off a couch or chair, etc.): Down, Rover!
46.(used as a command or warning to duck, take cover, or the like): Down! They're starting to shoot!
47.down and out, down-and-out.
48.down cold or pat, mastered or learned perfectly: Another hour of studying and I'll have the math lesson down cold.
49.down in the mouth, discouraged; depressed; sad.
50.down on, Informal. hostile or averse to: Why are you so down on sports?
51.down with! a. away with! cease!: Down with tyranny! b. on or toward the ground or into a lower position: Down with your rifles!
Thanks for your valued time and great support Mr. Micawber!

I am so much excited that I can't express in words how delighted I am .

Thanks again ! tarak din din tarak din din lolz
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