I have come across non-native students who have an incorrect understanding of the word "down-to-earth". They think it means humble or meek but actually this adjective stresses practicality. Down-to-earth individuals are practical and sensible. According to Oxford Advance Learner's Dictionary it means "practical in a friendly way".
- - as opposed to those who have their heads in the clouds, and are also arrogant
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With due respect allow me to correct you:

Main Entry:down-to-earth
Part of Speech:adjective
Definition:reasonable, practical
Synonyms: common , commonsense, easy , hard , hardboiled, hardheaded , matter-of-fact , mundane , no-nonsense , plainspoken, pragmatic , rational , realistic , sane , sensible , sober , unfantastic, unidealistic, unsentimental
Antonyms: excitable , excited , impractical , unreasonable , unsensible

Courtesy Rogets Thesaurus
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sync2009Hope you grasp the point.
Thanks, sync, I'm jes' hangin' on here.

My missed intention was to show that "down to earth" is usually offered as a contrast to those whose heads are "in the clouds."

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