There are some words English which denote a given number, like dozen=12. I've also heard there's something like gross=144, and sheaf=15? Are there more of these? I got quite interested how those differ from the Polish ones. Thanks!
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A bakers dozen is 13

A score is 20
Thanks. Is there any particular word for eggs? For example in Poland, we have a seperate word for 30eggs = 'mendel', so you can go into the shop and ask for a 'mendel' of eggs. Does anybody know of any more 'quantative'(can you call them like that?:) nouns?
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Eggs are sold by the dozen (12) or half dozen (6).
I see. And that word 'gross' which means 12 dozens=144. In which context can you use it? What kind of words can go with it? a gross of ....what?
Gross is still 144 but it is not really used in everyday language these days, it has pretty much become obsolete and most people wouldn't understand what you meant. The only one that is still commonly in use is dozen.
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Well, if so, I won't bother any more. cheers.
Oh of course there is also pair or couple to mean two.

But those and dozen are the only ones I can think of in regular use.
Regarding your question about "mendel", I think it is a cultural one, since you can buy a "mendel" in Poland, or a "shoone" in Iran (the same 30 eggs). However, eggs are usually sold in half-dozens in the English-speaking countries. If it was as usual as it is in Iran or Poland, they would probably have a word for it.
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