Background: 2 detectives were talking, one of them said the following quote to the other one about his previous partner....

You're afraid Cardera was the better detective and you were just drafting off of her,

so you treat me like a piece of shit because if we start tanking, you can paint me as the guy that dragged you down.

Could someone explain to me "draft off of"? I couldn't find it online in any dictionary. Is it an idiom? slang? urban phrase?

To draft off another person originates from car racing or bike racing where one competitor travels very closely to the rear of someone else, thus taking advantage of the wind breaking screen effect. When this is done correctly far less effort is needed to stay at the same speed as the person in front.

To take advantage of the efforts of someone who is leading the way.

Thank you Doug,[Y] if it's not you I would never find the definition of this phrase. Seriously, I can't find its reference, meanin or definition, in ANYWHERE.

Drafing off of guys like you, I would be able to learn English easier, in constrast to people learning it just from a book.
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