Brainiac: The prodigaI son of Krypton has returned.

Bizarro: I need to kiII him.
When I get near Green Kryptonite,
I drain him of his power.
Why him instead of it? The Kryptonite is an object not a subject.
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The pronoun 'him' refers to the last person mentioned, ie 'the prodigal son'.

Are you sure, Clive? The Phantom can only drain the power of the Kryptonite.
The prodigal son (Clark) gets sick around the Kryptonite.
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Yes. Once he gets the kyrpotnite,he'll bring it to Clark, and drain HIM of his power.
Now that makes sence. Thanks, Barbara!
You guys are following the story. I'm just going by the rules of grammar, about which the writers may or may not care.

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I have no idea what the story is, but I do know that Superman is vulnerable to kryptonite.
Hi GG,
It depends on the colour. He's OK with blue kryptonite.

CliveHi GG,
It depends on the colour. He's OK with blue kryptonite.


Yeah, if by OK you mean with no powers!Emotion: big smile
And the Phantom uses the Green Kryptonite to get stronger since everything affects
him and Clark the opposite way. While Clark weakens close to the green one the Phantom gets as twice as strong.
So let's get this straight. You guys are sure he means he's gonna drain Clark of his powers and not the Green K?
If he meant the kryptonite he would put it like this 'When I get near Green K, I drain him of its powers' right?
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