could you tell me whether the expression 'draw attention' needs an object (draw attention to sth)?, e.g.
I know how to draw children’s attention and make them involved in classes.
Thank you!
Best regards.
Good question.

I'd say 'I know how to get children’s attention. . .'

I'm also of the opinion that '...draw attention' needs to be followed by to, but somebody else might think differently.

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Thank you.
I would like to know if the word 'get' doesn't sound a bit informal?
I have the impression that it is a bit informal in this context and maybe more American than British, but maybe I am not right at all..
Thank you. It's very helpful!
I don't think so. Short, Anglo-Saxon words are strong. You want "hold", though, anyway: I know how to hold children’s attention and keep them involved in class.
Coincidence ... 'get' ... a bit informal in this context
In that case try "capture". Emotion: smile

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. . .or 'engage'.
Thank you Emotion: smile