Hello everybody!:)

Does this mean "coma etílico"? Hmm..it happens when you drink too much.

I read it in a t-shirt, it was like this.."One vodka, two vodka, three vodka, drop dead".

Thanks in advance for your help!
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Hi Pucca,

I believe drop dead simply means to die suddenly and unexpectedly. I got this from my dictionary .This is the example my dictionary provided. He dropped dead on the squash court at the age of 43.


Not sure if this helps...

These two definitions refer to "drop-dead" as adjective: [url=http://dictionary.cambridge.org/define.asp?key=dropdead*1+0&dict=I ]very beautiful [/url] or [url=http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/drop%20dead ] awe-inspiring, extreme [/url].

However, it can also be a verb, meaning [url=http://www.thefreedictionary.com/drop+dead ] to die [/url].

Natives' help required!!!
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Oh, and I forgot the OED...

start_lemma>start_il>drop deadend_il>end_lemma>: a slang (orig. U.S.) exclamation expressing emphatic dislike or scorn of the person addressed.


start_def>A. adj.end_def>

start_def>1. Stunning, striking, exceptional; breathtaking, heart-stopping.end_def>

start_def>2. Chiefly Business. Designating the latest date or time by which a task must be completed or a result achieved.end_def>

start_def>B. adv. As an intensifier modifying an adjective, freq. emphasizing physical attractiveness: extremely; strikingly, astonishingly, breathtakingly. Freq. in start_lemma>start_il>drop-dead gorgeousend_il>end_lemma>.

... and the OALD:

drop dead adverb(informal) used before an adjective to emphasize that sb/sth is attractive in a very noticeable way:
a drop-dead gorgeous Hollywood star

First, I would advise against trying to learn English from T-shirts -- there are many T-shirts out there with English words that really don't make sense!

"Drop dead" is generally used either literally, menaing "to die suddenly," or as an intensifying adverb, usually in "drop-dead gorgeous" -- this suggests that a woman is so beautiful that just seeing her will cause men to die suddenly.

The only meaning I can get from the message on the T-shirt is that after drinking three vodkas, you would die. I think this is an excellent example of some company putting English words on a shirt because they think it will appeal to customers, without really caring if it makes any sense.
Hello all!:)

Thanks for your replies and for your help! I thought it meant another thing..

So, what is it called when you drink too much alcohol and you got unconscious?
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"Pass out" is probably the most common.
Thanks Khoff!:)

So, could I say "Last Saturday I drank too much and got a pass out"?
No, you would say "I drank too much and passed out."
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