JOEY: Hey. Mr. Douglas is looking for you.

CHANDLER: Why? Wh- wh- why is Mr. Douglas looking for me?

JOEY: 'Cause he has a strong suspicion that you dropped the ball on the Lender project.

CHANDLER: Wha- wh- why, why, why does he suspect that?

JOEY: Becasue at first he thought it was Joseph. But after he asked Joseph about it, turns out it was you. Anyway, I just thought you should know.

Can anyone tell me what it means ' dropped the ball ' in this dialogue ?


"Dropped the ball" is taken straight from the sports world! It simply means to 'fail at something'
Perhaps also discontinue, postpone or lose interest
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I don´t see what it means exactly.
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Chandler screwed up the project. (But of course it was Joey.)