Do you call a bottle of prescription the drug/the drugS?

Every night before her husband went to bed, he would open a prescription bottle of the muscle relaxant Soma and swallow the eight or nine pills it took for him to fall asleep, said the woman. She spoke to CNN on condition of anonymity because she wants to protect her husband's identity and not embarrass his family.

The drugs arrived at their doorstep every week. She thought they were being prescribed by a treating physician.


I always thought drugs meant many types of drugs.

Thanks in advance
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drugs can mean any kind - prescribed or otherwise
I'm sorry that my question isn't clear. If you have a bottle of pills, would you use the plural or singular form of the word drug to describe it?
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Sorry - it is a bottle of drugs - but it would sound better to say - a bottle containing drugs

In a context like this, I'd more naturally use the singular form. The drug arrived at their doorstep every week. She thought it was being prescribed by a treating physician.

Soma is a single drug.

I'd also consider saying 'medication' rather than 'drug'.

Best wishes, Clive
Clive, could you please give a context where you would use drugs when it's still a single drug?

Thanks in advance!
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But you can't say - a bottle of drug
You would have to say a bottle containing A/THE drug or a bottle of A/THE drug

Certainly medication or a bottle of medication would work
Optilang, could you help me understand why a bottle of drug/drugs is not recommended? A bottle of something sounds perfectly OK to me and drug/drugs is no exception.
A bottle of drugs is fine
I cannot recall ever having heard a bottle of drug and doesn't seem natural to my ear
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