This word is from the movie "Donnie Brasco"
I searched in different dictionaries and found nothing. I suppose that this word in somehow is connected with the language of italian mafia. I don`t know exactly.
I f somebody knows the meaning, write please. I`ll be gratefull .
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This is the best I could find Rearranger:


Italo-American word used to define a person who is an idiot and has absolutely no clue at what he/she are saying or doing.

A: you have an inferior complex and are promoting the downfall to the hockey league.

B: What? Why don't you stop being a dunsky before I crack your head with a hockey stick.

However, I'm Italian and I haven't ever heard this word... Emotion: stick out tongue

Thank you very much!
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You're welcome...

I clicked on this thread for the simple reason that I have no clue as to what "dunsky" means. Hold on, I'll go a little low-tech and check out the Shorter Oxford dictionary that's gathering dust on my shelves at the moment.

[Added -] Nope, no help from there I'm afraid.

However, I think this could have something to do with the word "dunce", that means "stupid".

YoHf, how would an Italian pronounce the word "dunce"? In English, it's simply pronounced "duns".

Getting back here in a few minutes...

- Joy
Well, it'd be too long to explain the italian pronunciation of it... Emotion: stick out tongueEmotion: big smile

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Oh come on... don't be uncooperative when I'm actually serious for a change Jac.

OK, OK... Joy, I knew you weren't going to give up that easily... Emotion: big smile

dunce --->

"d" as in "Dice"

"u" ---> as you say "WHO"

"n" ---> as in "No"

"c" ---> as in "Cheese"

"e" ---> as in "totEm"

Hope this helps... Emotion: smile

Of course I wouldn't give up. Not on something to do with English. Emotion: smile

Actually, that doesn't really help. It puts me off the train of thought I had been pursuing.

I was thinking that if "dunce" was pronounced "dun-chay", then from there on it isn't a very big jump to "dunsky", is it? However, the "oo" pronunciation of the "u" just ruins that possibility.

Could it be an Italian-American slang version of the word "dunce"? That's all that things seem to point to at present.

Yours in deep thought Emotion: rolleyes

- Joy
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