I'm from Holland and I want to know what people from other countries are thinking about the Dutch Football. Which clubs do you know, whick players do you like.

You can tell everything what you know and when you're having a question about the Dutch football I can answer that.
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I know there are a lot of excellent football players in Holland.

Especially, I like the style of Dutch football! Attack, attack, attack again !
CateranI know there are a lot of excellent football players in Holland.

Do you know Dirk Kuijt (Feyenoord), Salomon Kalou (Feyenoord) and Jan-Klaas Huntelaar (SC Heerenveen) too? They're very good players Emotion: smile

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Sorry, I don't konw them because I have not watched football programs on TV for a long time.

I know the following players:

edwin van der sar
phillip cocu
pierre van hooijdonk
roy makaay
ruud van nistelrooy
andy van der meyde
arjen robben
boudewijn zenden
clarence seedorf
jerrel hasselbaink
patrick kluivert

of couser, like Van Basten, Ruud Gullit, Frank Rijkaard, Dennis Bergkamp and so on,

everyone knows them.

Van Basten is my most favourite football star.
i think dutch football is very good, i have a PSV eindhoven scarf. My favourite dutch international is Rafael van der vaart.

Has van der vaart ever captained holland- if no do you think he ever will.
I know just few Dutch players, who are pretty good indeed...
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the head coach of netherlands is the best ever i have seen, he had placed 4th with the korea team in 2002 world cup

and australia team has also qualified in 2006 germany world cup in 32years

i dont know who is the head coach of netherlands this year though they will do their best

good luck
what special about the dutch national football team?
I don't know almost anything about Ducth football... Emotion: stick out tongue
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