I am not sure whether native speakers know the meaning of the "dutch pay".

As far as I know, people in Holland tend to be very "Scrooge" of the book "Christmas Carol".

So if you go to a restaurant or pup with dutch people, they tend to pay for only theirs.

Sorry, no offence to dutch people, but that's what I read about on dutch people of some books.

Anyway, I am just wondering the word to describe such a person. As far as I know that it's not "greedy".

Thanks in advance.
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The word you are looking for is "stingy." (Pronounced "stin-jee," not like the word "sting.")

And in the U.S. we would say "Let's go Dutch," meaning we'll go out together but each peson will pay his own share. It's also called "Dutch treat."

(Apologies for the stereotype - I think it's atttributed to the Scots as well as the Dutch, isn't it? And then there is the not-so-delightful expression "to Jew someone down," meaning to drive a hard bargain, to negotiate a lower price when buying something, and "to gyp" meaning "to cheat." (from "gypsy") It's interesting - I might say "let's go Dutch" without thinking it might offend someone, but I would be mightily offended myself if I heard someone say "did you Jew them down on the price?" Maybe I should stop saying "go Dutch.")
I know nothing of the stinginess, or not, of Dutch people. I do know that 'go Dutch' means that all pay their own way. I do not feel that I am denigrating the Dutch when I use the expression. I would agree with Khoff's descriptions of other, more demeaning, expressions.
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Apologies for the stereotype
There's also the word byzantine...
Hi Julielai,

No, byzantine means complex. I don't think the people who lived in the ancient city of Byzantium were known to be stingy.

Best wishes, Clive
I mean byzantine is another word that might have come from a stereotype (perhaps from the Crusaders' encounter with the Byzantines...)
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Oh, sorry, I must be slow tonight. Clive
Quick definitions (Dutch uncle)
noun: a counselor who admonishes frankly and sternly
Ow no that's not the Dutch pay, I'm from the Netherlands, Breda.

If we're going to a pub we'll go in a group.

If we're in the bup, one of us is goes to the bar and take drinks for the whole group and pays.

After that round the next one goes to the bar and buys a round I think that they mean that in those books!
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