Do you think the following sentence is grammatically correct?
And it sounds fine?

Emperor Part From Empress
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I think it should be like this:

The emperor part from the empress.
Both were grammatically flawed.
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It looks like a headline. As such it need not be perfectly correct grammatically, especially with regard to articles like "the". Nevertheless, unless someone received a part of the emperor from the empress (his head?), this does not make sense. "Emperor Parts from Empress" seems to be the intended headline.

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Oh.... I thought the meaning of PART is TO GET SEPARATED.
Now I am confused.
Part can be a verb meaning to separate or a noun meaning a piece of.

so the headline, refering to their separation, should be

Empress parts from Emperor

as Empress is singular.
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Hello Jobb

It could also be an imperative, written on a placard and held up during a demonstration outside the imperial palace:


If it were sent anonymously through the mail, however, it would need to be modified slightly, as emperors rarely heed badly punctuated advice:

'Emperor, part from the Empress!'

Pedanticus IV

MrPedantic, would you like to explain the "placard"? I also didn't get what 'Emperor, part from the Empress!' mean.
you said "someone received a part of the emperor from the empress (his head?)". But "Emperor Part From Empress' seems referring to "the empress gave her organ to the emperor".
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