Hi folks..

I got just one question...I request to change my department 3 months ago and i got a reply just yesterday..i have no idea how to reply..I was thinking something like..Dear xxxx(her name)..Thank you very much for your reply ....and from here i have no idea and in the end something like.... I look forward to hearing from you...Kindest regards....My name and surname
And I would like to tell her that I will leave the country this Friday...

If you have any idea pls let me know..thank you in advance

Her name and surname


Good Morning

Please e-mail me if you are still interested in xxx employment in our company

Thank You.

Her name and surname
Operations Manager
company xxxxxx
You can keep the email very simple.
You can say:

Thank you very much for your reply. I am still interested in *** employment in our company. I am looking forward to hearing more about the position. I will be away from the office from __ to __, but I can be reached before or after those dates.

Kindest regards,
(Your name and contact info, including current department and phone number)
Thank you very much Mandy