My three best friends each have distinct opinions about global warming.

My three best friends each have a distinct opinion about global warming.

Which one is more natural? How do you choose?

They all have a different opinion about it.

They all have different opinions about it.

Again, which one is more natural here? By the way, the meaning of each sentence is the same, right? I wonder if there are any differences, however slight.

Thanks teachers.
I would say they each have a distinct opinion.

If each had distinct opinions, they each have more than one.
Thanks Grammar Geek. What about the second set of sentences, without mentioning of the word 'each'?
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Grammar GeekIf each had distinct opinions, they each have more than one.
Is there still a possibility that some native speakers take it 'they each have one opinion that is distinct'?

There's always a possibility that someone will think something.

But what do you think with this? Each girl had flowers in her hair. Does this leave you think that each girl had only one flower? I don't think so.

With the "all" sentence, then the plural makes sense. The all had different opinions.
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Got it! Thanks, GG.

And sorry for interruption, Mkyol. Emotion: smile
No apologies necessary. I was wondering about that myself. Emotion: smile

And, thanks GG.