Hi again!

#1- ___ of the two boys was sick. (1)Each (2)Every one

#2- ___ of the three boys was sick. (1)Each (2)Every one

Why not "every one" for #1 and "each" for #2?


Hello Pastel, nice to see you here.

'Each' can be used for 2+ things or people; 'every' for 3+.

I'm not sure why this is the case; though I note that 'every' derives from OE æfre ælc 'each of a group'. Perhaps we can't have a 'group' of two. (Certainly in music, a 'group' has to have at least 3 members; otherwise it's a 'duo'.)

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Aey!!! Nice to see you here too. How are you? Do you get along well with MrQ? Emotion: stick out tongue

What a trick! Thanks a bunch.
I left MrQ back at that Other Place...he was a little tied up...