-We are made for each other.
-We are made for one another.

Are these sentences correct?
I certainly wouldn't say "we are tailored for each other" - it is just never used that way, in my expereince.

However, you DO sometimes hear people talk about a couple who are "tailor-made for each other".
don't worry, both are correct. they were olny said on a different manner but they mean the same.
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Could you also say: we are tailored for each other?
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Thank you, Susy. It makes me feel terribly happy learning things like that! Cheers!
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Both are correct.

Each-other and one-another are examples of reciprocal pronouns.

Now look at these sentences to know the basic difference.

1. The two brothers loved each other.
2. The boys helped one another.

each-other is used for two person
one another is used for more than two.