Is each other the correct spelling or can it also be used as eachother?

Each other is correct. Eachother is never used.

"eachother" doesn't exist, except for the fact that in spoken English the two words may sound like only one word.
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The American Heritage dictionary only lists each other (pronoun)
Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English also only lists each other (pronoun)
Collins Cobuild Advanced Learner's English Dictionary also only lists each other.

I think that settles it. Until someone can find me a correct example or dictionary entry where it is used as one word.

Hope this helps?

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"eachother" doesn't exist (and not "each other")
eachother .... maynotbecorrect ... but it is ALWAYS used.
Anonymouseachother .. maynotbecorrect ... but it is ALWAYS used.

Where? I have NEVER seen this used!
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Anonymouseachother .. maynotbecorrect ... but it is ALWAYS used.

ALWAYS! Oh, yes. There is nocase of the use of "each other". Not one instance of it in the entire Library of Congress, for example. I had forgotten that! Emotion: sad [:^)]

Silly me! Emotion: big smile

Anonymouseachother .. maynotbecorrect ... but it is ALWAYS used.
Did you mean to say "...butitisALWAYSused"?
My BFF and the love of my life both use "eachother" and it drives me MAD. I'm an all A English student, and have only ever used "Each Other" as two separate words. It's driving me mad, I tell you!!
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