Hi, this is the hardest for me.

When you say 'year', does your tongue touch any area in your mouse?
Does your tongue move the same way as 'yes', 'yahoo', etc?
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Yes, but push a little harder against the hard palate (or inside of the back upper teeth) with the sides of the tongue.
Thanks so much, Mr M.
Mister Micawberback upper teeth) with the sides of the tongue.
Got it!

By the way, when you say 'ear', your tongue doesn't move the above way, doesn't touch almost anything, right?
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It assumes roughly the same position for 'ear', but it is relaxed; it barely brushes my back teeth, and it doesn't push forcefully toward the palate.
Many thanks! Mr M.
I understand how to pronounce ear/year correctly!
Notice how lips are spread in both cases: /e/ vs /yee/
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raindoctor/e/ vs /yee/
Thanks, RD.
I understand how to pronounce ear/year correctly!-- Or at least clearly, I hope. As you might guess, it is a problem for many of my Japanese students.
That's why your posts (actually much better than any video I've found on Youtube) helped me a lot on this topic Emotion: smile
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