I don't understand EARLY / LATE and EARLIER /LATER in the sentences below:

1/ Earlier this year the company gave 2 million dallars bonus to workers for the Lunar New Year.

2/Late this month the hotel will reopen after 01 year of renovation.

3/Earlier Sunday , they held talks with Chian on bilateral ties

4/ Later that same afternoon , shots were fired from the forest

Is later interchangeable with late and is early interchangeable with earlier here ? What do they mean in the above sentences ?

Thanks in advance
EARLIER /LATER should be used only if there's more context indicating several events in sequence.
Thank Marius Hancu , but I don't understand the meaning of thtose sentences , please let me know the meanings of those sentences.

Earlier this year here means at the beginning of this year . Is that right or wrong ?

Earlier Sunday here means At the morning of Sunday . Is that right or wrong ?

Late that year means At the nd of that year .Is that right or wrong ?

Please help me understand exactly the meaning of these sentences

Thank you in advance