It is unarguable that technology has permeated every aspect of human’s lives. While numerous people hold the belief that the developments of earlier technology have brought larger changes in comparison to those of modern, I believe primary or advanced innovations have their own specific impacts which are uneven to be compared and both play an important role in our life.

The primary technological advances have caused changes in people’s earlier ways of living. It is believed that the appearance of the economy coincided with the evolution of technology, due to the unprecedented leap in productivity and by extension, wealth. Giving illustration, prior to these innovations, people were mainly manual labour workers and thus, the amount of production was very low. However, when modern machines were applied in human’s activities, the production output has witnessed an exponential increase, leading to improve people’s living standards. With the technological evolution, humans’ ability to earn a living has enhanced and people have explored different values in life.

On the basis of earlier technology, recent developments have acquired and made a great influence on human’s society. Technological latest breakthroughs have drastically transformed into the other sides of people’s lives. The distance between people from all over the world has been reduced and lots of social perceptions have changed due to the exposure of various cultures. Moreover, the widespread use of mobile laptops along with the advent coming of the Internet has ushered in an era where knowledge is at everybody’s disposal. By providing a wealth of precious information, it helps people broaden their knowledge in many indispensable fields, such as recognizing natural threats to humans and finding solutions for crucial issues these days.

In conclusion, although both early and recent progress in technology contributes to the betterment of our lives, I am in favour of the opinion that those initial advances play a crucial role. And as a matter of fact, technology will continuously develop for our better life.


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