Dear Teachers,

1. "easy meat", "hooch", "ho", "ho-bag" and "bawd" are the same meaning as "prostitute", right?

2. Some people will look down on you because of your sexual habits.

- "look down on you" means "disregard or belittle you", right?

Thanks a lot to Teachers,


The term 'ho' is derived from the word 'whore'.

You need to be very careful about using these expressions. There are many contexts in which they are not appropriate.

Best wishes, Clive
1. You'll find most of them here:


and yes, they are slang terms and to be used very carefully.
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1. The terms would be slang. I haven't come across the words "easy meat" or "bawd" before. I assume some of these may be foreign slang. Some slang is not understood by all persons. I don't like to use slang in my writing.

However, they may not exactly mean prostitute. These words could signify a person who is sexually deviant. Generally, most people will use these words in reference to a someone who is sexually deviant. The general term in America for a prostitute is hooker.

2. Yes.
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