I always hear "eat your heart out" and today I heard, "campaign her heart out". Is it possible to use "heart out" informally to mean "a lot/aggresively".

Oh no. I just looked up the expression "eat yor heart out" and it means

something that you say which means that you or someone you know can do something better than a person who is famous for doing that thing. I'm taking singing lessons. Celine Dion, eat your heart out!

I thought it meant eat as much as you like/can until you can't take no more. Emotion: smile


Thanks in advance!
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set one's heart on
and other idioms with heart at the above site
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Thanks, MH. So, you do agree that eat your heart out has two different meanings, one is related to jealousy and the other binge?
I think you have it, N2G.

1. Eat your heart out, X!

— X, who is a specialist in this field, would nonetheless "eat his heart out with jealousy", were he to witness my performance.

2. She was X-ing her heart out.

— She was X-ing passionately / wholeheartedly / to the fullest extent of her powers.

Thank you, Mr. P!
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I've never heard "eat your heart out" used to refer to binge eating. Only for jealousy.
Is the binge eating usage British? Anyone?
Not that I know of. (But I'm afraid there are some very strange people within the borders of our four nations; and some of them will say almost anything to get a mention in the British National Corpus.)

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