wealthy wealthy kjdcdncvdnvdnvkdThe progress of nation's economic is commonly believed to bring benefits not only for individual but also for the community. Despite several drawbacks of this phenomenon, there are a wide range of merits that are worth considered. On the one hand, economic development consists of undisputed advantages. First and foremost, income increasing means more opportunities for higher education also for better health care. This will improve human's lives financially and physically. More than that, individuals are becoming freely in choosing their lifestyle. For instance, the shortage of money can not prevent people from travelling during holidays or they can choose what food they prefer, what clothes they love. It is definitely help them release their tension and increase their satisfaction, which also solve other issues in contemporary life today such as stressful, depression, suicide. More importantly, the wealthy of government funding is a profound contribution in improving many aspects of community, from social life such as education, entertainment, environment, etc. to citizens' life including health care system, pensions for elderly, schooling, etc. These are expected to turn one country into the place worth living. On the other hand, there are some disadvantages about this growth that we should not ignore. Firstly, the economic development may result in the increase in inequality between the poor and rich. Secondly, from environmental perspective, the growth of economic without an substantial methods which are depending heavily on natural resources would boost the planet to disastrous. Last but not least, when there are no concern to make ends meets, another problem may be appeared. Take America as an example, despite the wealthy of the country, it is still facing a tremendous challenges such as terrorist, political protests, and most importantly, discrimination. In conclusion, developing one's economic is a universal goal for any country and authorities try their best to achieve this goal. Although there are a numerous disadvantages which are mostly social and environmental issues that we have yet figured out how to overcome, the merits still outweigh its drawbacks. Due to the fact that is beneficial for both individual's lives and government's functions.


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