Along with the development of factories, the environment will be more and more threatened. Therefore, there are many opinions that ecotourism can replace conventional tourism. In my opinion, I completely agree with this point of view because of the benefits it brings

First,The Tourism is usually regarded as a way of exploiting nature resources. But Ecotourism allows visitors to observe the local people and adopt their way of living, which attracts them to learn more. Because of this, the local people receive more benefits from tourism, because they can sell souvenirs and products to tourists. This is called the "local giving" effect. In addition, tourists can also help local people by donating money or even by giving lodging for free. The money raised can be used to maintain the local environment.

Second,Ecotourism is a good way to save money for travelers, especially for students. In China, it is common that tourists can share accommodation and meals with the locals. It is usually cheaper than a five-star hotel and the food tastes better. Besides, usually ecotourists have more destinations in mind and they are willing to walk long distances in order to reach their destination

In conclusion, with the above benefits, it is confirmed that ecotourism has more benefits than the rest of the tourism industry. Therefore, we have to promote and develop it more

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