Which is correct?
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They both are correct=>

EATABLE (adjective)
describes food that is good enough to eat, though not excellent
Compare edible.

EDIBLE (adjective)
suitable or safe for eating:
Only the leaves of the plant are edible.
Compare eatable at eat.
NOTE: The opposite is inedible.

(from the Cambridge Advanced Learners' Dictionary)

I don't remember hearing the word 'uneatable' used.

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Edible or Eatable which is correct.
AnonymousEdible or Eatable which is correct.
Have you read through this thread?
Both are correct
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Only "Edible" is correct. "Eatable" is not a word to my knowledge, at least not now. I have never seen or heard it used.
I was told:eatable: It can be eaten although nobody tends to use it.edible: It actually tastes ok (stick to this one to be safe)
I think eatable
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In British English both are possible

Eatable generally means 'good enough (in flavour, wuality, etc) to eat', while edible means that it is not poisonous.

However many people use just one of them for both meanings. Some use eatable, others edible.

It is difficult to know whether a person who says 'The dinner she served up was inedible' is using what some would say was the incorrect word, or is jokingly using the correct word to suggest that to eat it would prove fatal..
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