If anyone can edit this report for me, remake sentences.. I can pay them $5..

Here is the link to the report, and post it back here.


If you wish to do it free, I would appreciate that...
I think everyone's waiting to see if you'll stretch to $10, nitharsan...Or even a crisp and fragrant $20...
Anyone editing this one?
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Why don't you post it here? I don't trust url's on forums, sorry.
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What you mean you dont trust URL? this is a .zip file, there is no hidden viruses! It's just .doc files inside this ZIPPED file. Just check, even if you think so, a virus would'nt come attack your computer unless you UNZIP the package and open it! So see foryourself if its a virus or a document FILE.

I can raise the price to $10 if you edit the file better than i am hoping for.
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Just kidding about the $10, natharsan.

I wouldn't be able to do it myself, but good luck.