Hitchhicker, do you think I could have the editing mode again. It depresses me profoundly to see my own mistakes. I should think it would be great for us to able to edit our own mistakes. Thanks in advance.
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Maj, remember the 'capitalisation' thread!?
Gosh, I have always told that punctuation is not one of my favourite sports.
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If i had the editing mode I would change it, so you wouldn't have to do it for me. Cheers.
You can now edit your own posts, up to the point when somebody replies.
How can I do that HitchHicker? I can't see any buttons. Thanks in advance.

HITCHHIKER: Maj, look below this post; you can see 'EDIT' (If noone has replied)
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Thank you, Hitch. (k)
Hitch, my editing button is gone again. Could you switch it on for me, please? I have just seen a mistake in the poetry forum I'd like to edit. Thanks.
Its great hitchy,
Even I thought this could be the another option we should have.
But I haven't asked because, I 've seen in forums allwoed to modify the posts are misusing.
First they abuse and edit it later.
What you gonna do when such case is arised.
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