Hello everyone,

Even though I like this site very much, I feel it's slightly annoying that I as a regular user am unable to edit my own posts as soon as someone has replied me. Wouldn't it be good if you could correct mistakes in your post at a later stage? I definitely think it should be shown somehow that the post has been edited, but I don't think we should be deprieved of our right to change our posts as I think it's good to have as grammatical posts on this site as ever possible (it's always sad if someone learns to make a mistake simply because of a mistake someone else made that they might have been able to correct after re-reading their post).

Let me know what you think.
Hey Englishuser, you can always ask a moderator to edit your posts Emotion: wink
Hi Englishuser,

I think nobody but moderators should change the content of a post. You are always free to reply in a thread, but what has been written should remain as it has been originally posted. A thread should be like a written conversation, developed little by little; once a conversation is ended you can't change it, but you can keep on replying or start another one.

That's my opinion,

best wishes guys Emotion: big smile
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Hi Francesca and Kooyeen,

I appreciate your feedback. Yes, you can of course ask a moderator to edit your post, but I think it would be wasting their time for me to ask them to modify my posts every once in a while. I don't think that what has been written should never be changed. Instead, I think we should always be able to edit our posts, but the original version should remain visible to viewers so that people can see what I actually said if I, for instance, claimed that someone is telling lies about what I wrote.
Well, since I am a moderator in The Chat Page I can assure you that moderators are happy to help others, I've edited many posts there because people asked me to do it and I've never felt like having wasted my time Emotion: wink

Btw, try to be in mods' shoes for a while: if all the members could edit their posts when they like, mods should read all the threads everyday...don't you think that it is too much work since there are almost 40,000 members and a lot of new thread everyday? Emotion: indifferent you know, sometimes there are so weird people who write a lot of racist and bad comments, mods have a hard job here, so it's better not to complicate it!

Well said, Francesca. Completely agree with you.

Englishuser, feel free to contact a moderator in order to edit your posts. What do you think moderators exist for? Emotion: wink
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Hi Francesca and Ruslana,

Thank you for your comments. I didn't really think about the fact that the moderators' workload would increase if everyone could edit their posts. Then again, people would probably notify moderators if racist comments appeared... Who says the moderator is the first one to find an improper post, by the way? Of course I could contact a moderator if I want my posts edited, I just didn't know it was their job to do it. I thought it was my duty to make sure my posts are as well-written as possible.

All the best to you, and thanks once again for sharing your opinions with me.
Some people, of course, would notify mods of something inappropriate. But I think there is the same number of people who would abuse the ability to edit their posts. Have a look [url=http://www.EnglishForward.com/English/MoreEditingTime/bgggw/Post.htm]here[/url], by the way.

As well as we are ready to help people to edit their posts, we also expect of members that they will keep their posts well-written, so you are right. Emotion: smile
Please, would you help me,I got an answer post, from a friend here, on your site, but her post doesn't appear in full, i click on the 3 points rectabgle, but it just return the page up..what should i do..?thank you..
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