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1. It seems that we can not find a nation where great universities are accessible to all smart students.
2. When looking for great education systems, I would focus on how many genuses it has brought to us instead of how many losers coming out of it.
3. I still think the USA has the best education system, but it has been manufactured by scientists and students from all parts of the world, not just something by the "native" Americans alone.
Idefinitely agree with your opinion that education will exert heavy influence on our future. Actually, education not only influences our future, but also now and past. It has complex connection with economy, the mind of people and the entire society. The effort of eductional reformation is not immediate. Even worse,inappropriate reformations maybe lead to economical decline or social turbulence. In addition to the conservative minds of people and governmen. So it is not an easy thing to improve or reform an education system. Frankly speaking, Chinese eduction is not in the best lines. There are problems in our educaion. There are lots of persons and scholars who appeal for educaitonal reformation. But the course is long, and the effort is little.
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An American writes in the Bangkok Post:

"It may be a well-kept secret, but students in public schools in the US do not wear uniforms. Yet the US is the country with the highest number of exchange students in the world. Why? The emphasis is on content, not appearance; free thinking, not rote memorisation; creativity, not copying."

It would be very odd if the US didn't have the largest number of exchange students since being the most populous western country it has the largest number of schools. I have no idea why students from other countries than Finland opt to go to the USA, but Finnish high school students certainly don't go there for the reasons cited by the above American. It is a well-known fact that students in US schools score worse than the OECD average in the PISA [url=http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/education/4073753.stm ]appraisals.[/url] So knowledge is not what Finnish exchange students are after in US schools.

By far the most important reason is the English language. Living in total immersion is the best way to improve one's language skills. Also, since the USA is so far away, it may appear slightly exotic to some students; exotic and yet familiar at the same time because youngsters have seen and heard American English in movies and pop songs and have watched American soaps on TV. Very few Finns take holidays in the USA compared with the number of those who go to the Canaries or the Mediterranean resorts, and therefore a would-be exchange student usually has not been to the USA before he goes there. In other words, everything there will be a new experience for him.

Other English-speaking countries are also popular with Finnish students. England is the number one choice for many and some venture as far afield as Australia.

I know personally several former exchange students and none of them has told me the year abroad greatly increased their knowledge of the school subjects they take the greatest interest in. The year always widens their horizons and improves their English, which is what they usually aim at.

The best education system is one which makes a person easy to lead ,but difficult to drive ; easy to govern but impossible to enslave .......[Y]
Really good words.
And where can such a system be found?
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It can be found in all those places where education is imparted to the children not for the sake of earning money, but for creating great personalities.
And where is such a place?
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