The writing below is from a book.

Miss Samson was taking names as our assembled teachers raised their hands, saying, "I've got one in my homeroom," and "'There are two in my fourth-period math class."

I don't know much about the educational system in the US elementary school, but I was assuming it is similar to ours, where a homeroom teacher teaches every subject, no specialized teachers for math or geography. But the sentence above tells me I was wrong.

Will you describe a bit about who teaches what in the U.S.?

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In my experience, every teacher in the school is assigned a home room for the first, shortened, period of the day. For the rest of the class periods in the day, they teach their own subjects. Only in the very smallest schools (I went to a 3-room school housing 6 grades, where the teacher taught everything, two grades at once!) are teachers unspecialized, I think.

I also think you will get a range of opinions from a range of experiences.
Thank you, your experience fits in the context perfectly. Emotion: smile