Hello writers,

I believe everyone here and of course including me wants to be an excellent writer.
So I want to get the opinion from people who have gone through effective means of
improving his english writing skills and would want to share it to others.

So, do you any self-learning/training method to improve one's english, primarily writing skills?
Do you have any books to recommend that would help greatly enhance one's writing skills?

I would appreciate any opinions you would offer.

Thank you for sharing wonderful ideas and intelligent opinions =)
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My own personal experience and advice is simple-- read, read, read other authors and writers, and search for what you like. Then try to figure out how they did it.
Try to write descriptions of situations, people, objects, views, specific feelings toward something etc. Then try to write it with other words, from a different perspective. You can also try to play with a dictionary of synonyms, explore metaphors and analogies for those situations. A translator together with an english dictionary helps alot.

This is my perspective, I think it is very helpful if you do this instead of just reading. But reading is surely a good way of doing it. I suggest Ulisses from James Joyce to improve your english, it has many different styles and it has lots of interpretations and language tricks to explore.
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hey! in my personal opinion, I think that reading is a very effective method to improve your writing skills. Although I am not an avid reader, I still believe that reading helps. You are able to find numerous new words from the reading materials. Not only that, you will somehow learn how to structure your sentences well, and how to write in accurate grammar . But, there are some writing techniques which you might try out to improve your writing skills.

Firstly, you may want to try varying your sentence structures. Have different sentence lengths in your writing, so as not to bore the reader to death. Short sentences help in creating suspense, wheares, long sentences help in explaining facts in detail. Also, try using different types of sentences in your writing- compound setences, simple sentences, etc. This will prevent a monotonous effect in your piece of writing.

Secondly, use a wide range of vocabulary in your essays. Try to be as precise as possible. For example, intstead of the phrase "said angrily", you can say "roared" In addition, try not to repeat any words in the essays, other than the key words. Use a thesaurus to help you in this area. For example, if you mentioned "jubilant" in the starting of the essay, you may want to write "elated" when you are required to convey the meaning of that word. This helps to show the reader that you have a wide vocabulary range. There is no necessity to write profound words, but in my opinion, these words, when used correctly, do help in capturing your reader's attention.

Thirdly, minimise grammar, spelling and punctuation errors made in your essays. Learn basic the basic grammar rules and apply them in your essays. If necessary, use a grammar and spell checker (available in ms word) to proofread you document. As for spelling, ask someone
who is better in spelling to proofread your essay. Then, take note of the words which you misspelt. Learn their correct spellings. However, if you still continue to misspell them, try not to use the words in your important essays, etc. Use alternative words which convey the same meaning instead.

Lastly do remember that practice makes perfect! Practise writing whenever you can!

I hope my advices would help you. I am still trying hard to polish up my writing skills, too!
Wow! I couldn't believe my eyes. I got 3 replies in 1 day. Some are even surprisingly long.
I didn't expect people to put much effort in replying to this post. But they did! This forum is
truly amazing. I've never seen a forum as alive as this one.

Oh yeah! The ideas sounded interesting and I couldn't wait to try those. Thank you very
much for your effort in providing brilliant suggestions!!
HiEnglish Freak1 Thank you for the good ideas.. I would like to know more about the use of idioms.How and when can one use them when writting.
I also want to note that much as it i good to use profound words, some perople find the bombastic thus looking track because of misapprehension.
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its important for be a good writer..
so for being first of all reading newspapaers and vocubs are important according to
me ..
oh very much thank u . it has helped me a lot . i always used to get lazy on learning and improving my english language. but now since then i have ed what u have wrote i loved to read english every day. my father brings newspapers magazines etc
A very simple way to improve you writing is to use capital letters correctly.
If you don't use them, it seems like you don't really care about good writing.

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