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I dont believe turkey is an undeveloped country eventhough the litracy rates are so low. Next time please go over your work. Turkey is surely a developed country
Who says illitracy rate in Iran is 43% ?
It is 20%.
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Have a look here.


I don't know if it's correct.

He/she is right...
Do not write an essay with clichés..
According to last statistics,Turkey's literacy rate is '92.9'...
Great Info man! The way you expressed everything made it even easier for me to understand what you were thrying to tell.
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whos the author of this information?pls...answer me..i need the author or our rationale...
Don't be mean write your own info about illiteracy
Okay, the illiteracy rate globally is "18%" and I have real and true proof........

http://www.pafamilyliteracy.org/literacy-rate.html states this:

"82 percent of the world is literate"...
soooo this^^^^^ means that "18%" of the world is literate, I am 13 years old and I have a presentation about all of this on wednesday so stop giving out false information and search true information...Emotion: devil
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this is just an essay but, wrong statistics there. Dear supersonic, u have to write the sources where you take the statistics. And unfortunatelly other wrong info about Turkey. There is very development country because i know there now. may be 10 years ago u right but not, economically and socially very developed country.