Context: usage of efficient and effective adjectives is in employee's work performance.

He is doing his work in an efficient way.

He is doing his work in an effective way.

Please check them. When can they be different?

Do they have the same meaning in giving positive output?


Have you looked them up in the dictionary or tried using Google to learn the difference?

I am sometimes confused between "efficient" and "effective" in working scenarios. I just want to ensure whether they are referring to employees' work performance, the output/result of work, or their skills.

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You didn't answer my question.

I am trying to learn them.

I didn't ask you about trying to learn them. I asked you whether you'd looked them up!

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Yes, I have looked it up. Efficient refers to the performance of any activity whereas effective means the result of its activity.

"Efficient" means it uses the least amount of resources (money, time, labour, raw materials) to achieve its aim. It does not waste resources.

"Effective" means it does its intended function very well.