Hi everyone, especially friends from Egypt,

I'm quite interested in the country of Egypt. When we mention Egypt, what will come to your mind? I would love to know about that, something concerning culture. Thanks!
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Hi ahava yin,
the word Egypt makes me think of that ancient civilization, of many cultural aspects that we believe come from Greece and actually come from Egypt, from where Greeks learnt.

Then, other things come to my mind, the paintings, the complicated religion. Finally, the Egypt of today with its mosques.
when someone mention about Egypt, Pyramids come to my mind. I want to go to Egypt in order to see pyramids.
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Hi Elena, you said "many cultural aspects that we believe come from Greece and actually come from Egypt". I'm quite interested in that, would you please give me an example? Thank you!Emotion: smile
Yes, sure, Ahava,

to start with, the word Egypt is not Egyptian at all. It comes from the Greek word Aiguptos that comes from Hut-ka-Ptah, name of a temple in Memphis. The Greeks used that name to refer to the temple, then to refer to the important city of Memphis, and finally, to refer to the whole country.

Ancient Egyptians called their country Kemet, that means Black Land, in opposition to Doshrit, Red Land, the land of the desert. Following another stream of investigation, Kemet would mean Land of the Blacks, black people.

Medicine and religion are two of the aspects I was talking about.
Egyptians were excellent doctors, even more concerned for preventing than for healing. They followed dietetic norms to avoid diseases. Their therapeutic arsenal came from the nature, both for medicine and for surgery, they already operated using poppy as anesthesia. Greeks learnt from them but today, doctors recite the oath of the Greek physician Hippocrates.

Regarding religion, you can find most of the points of the present religions in the Egyptian, the virgin birth, the resurrection, the trinity, even the monotheism.

If you are interested, we can continue Ahava.
wow, amazing, you know so much about Egypt, in an academic sense, I would say. Emotion: geeked I'm curious about the signs on wall of ancient Egyptian architecture, those snakes and that sort of things, what do they symbolize for? Your notes help me a lot. Thank you!
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The snake.
You have chosen one of the most exciting symbols.
The snake appears in different cultures and represents different meanings even in the same culture.

I choose what I consider the most beautiful meaning of the snake in Egypt: the pharaon, the person who carries that symbol in his forehead knows the secrets of the material world. It is like a third eye, nothing can be hidden from that eye, neither in this world nor the next.

Ahava, I know very few. Besides, there are some information, History and things that are very easy to verify, but other things need study and research to be sure we are receiving the accurate and true information.
That's really interesting Elena, especially the part about medicine. I don't know anything about Egypt, except that the Egyptians were the first people to wear make-up.
Yes Henrietta, exciting topic.

They had more than nine hundred remedies, of vegetable, mineral and animal origin, used as ointments, purgatives, herbal teas, cataplasms, they even used a mould formed on stagnant water to heal injuries and wounds, this reminds of the penicilin. And they used some hallucinogens, but this is more related to the field of the magic than the field of the medicine, the priests used them to favour the state of trance in some people.

And what about the anatomy, the were experts on it , as they had complicated techniques to preserve the dead bodies, they came to know well the breath and digestive systems, even the circulatory system.

There is another point of this ancient civilization I am very ineterested in. There are opinions in favour and in opposition about this point, I am very inclined to one of them, but I am not 100% sure yet. I wouldn't be surprised if the opinion I am more inclined is the right one, knowing how we humans have behaved along the History.
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