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HELP!!! I agree it does NOT specify that the green house is next to the white. I figured it out, and it WORKS. Please, check my answer out. Tell me if it does not fit all the hints! Anyway, please tell me, it's driving me crazy!!!!

My answer

Norwegian German Brit Dane Swede
1st house 2nd house 3rd house 4th house 5th house
green blue red yellow white
birds cats horses fish dogs
Pall Mall Prince Blend Dunhill Blue Master
coffee water milk tea Beer
the answer maybe the german or the dane, its depends in your explanation.
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it may be the german or the dane.
I think that it's a trick question. Some, but very few, drew attention to the fact that there is NO mention of the fish in the clues, meaning that among the 5, no one needs have a fish at all. The obvious answer sends you through a simple logic problem, eliminating other people and getting you the logic answer. I'm sure more than 98% of the world come up with this. I'd think more than 2% would come up with a "No one" answer, but maybe that's just me.

I say logics are flawed for the answer. If it's not mentioned anyone has a fish, one can't assume any of them do. Implications or not.

Maybe the 98% who 'don't get it' get too busy looking into the logic, and not the facts. Sure weeds out the people that jump to answers before getting into ramifications, anyways.

Oh my God I've spent about 20 minutes trying to figure this thing out and I still haven't! I will not look at the answers before I've cracked it! I feel stupid when I can't figure out stuff like this. Thanks for this Woodward, you've given me a self esteem problem Emotion: stick out tongue
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GOT IT!! Praise the Lord! That was quite fun actually, I'm going to get everyone I know to try it out. By the end of it I felt a bit silly to have taken so long on it, it's actually not as hard as it seems at first. Got any more good riddles like this one up your sleeve Woody?
The german owns the gorgeous little fishy! Golly-gosh, it's not so hard (H)
First of all, The 98% thing could very well be true. Consider there's at LEAST 4 billion people on the planet, I don't recall the exact number but I'm fairly sure it's much higher than that. 2% of 4 billion is 80 million, which means there's 79 some MILLION people out there who can solve this problem and have yet to come to the forums and post about it. That's a lot of people.

So if you think about it, being in the top 2 percentile of the WORLD's population isn't really as exclusive as it initially sounds. Everybody in your entire state could solve it and they'd STILL be in the top 2%. It's not really something to be proud of, especially since anyone who has internet access can find the answer online anyway and then PRETEND that they solved it. I could spend the next half an hour typing to you guys how I solved the problem, and for all you know I could've just ripped it off some other site. Only I would know that it was actually my work.

So when Einstein said 98% of the world couldn't solve this problem, It's probably a fair bet that he wasn't joking around. Although in a sense he was, since the way he said it is meant to make you feel big for getting it right. "WOW! I'm in the top 2%!" All the while, you don't stop to think that 79,999,999,999 other people are right there with you.

Now then, in order to solve the puzzle the following assumptions have to be made:

-When the clues mention an "owner" this owner is also living in the house he owns. You don't have to live in a place to own it.

-One of the residents owns the fish in the first place (people have pointed this out already).

-The houses are on the same side of the street.

-They are next to each other

-The word neighbor refers to someone directly on either side of that person.

Without these assumptions the problem cannot be solved, and even WITH these assumptions there are two possible outcomes. In both, the German has the fish, but it has to do with the order of the houses. If you assume the order of the houses to be left-to-right, the colors end up as:


HOWEVER, you could also assume the order goes right to left, in which case you would end up with:


As you can see, they are imperfect reflections of one another. Doesn't change the outcome, but it's still interesting to see.

As to whether there's even a fish or not, I would like to think that Einstein did not include a fish in any of the clues because that would make the problem 90% simpler. If you had a clue that stated "the one who doesn't smoke pall mall has the fish" or even "the fish don't live next to the cat," the dynamics of the problem switch from being fairly open-ended (anybody but the swede could have the fish) to a set criteria that must be met (only such-and-such a person can who does such-and-such a thing can have the fish).

When you're given a definitive reference point to begin your focus, the problem becomes much like everything else you are given in highschool, and therefore could be solved in a matter of minutes. The fact that you start off with no indication of where to look and how to solve the problem is what makes it so difficult for some.

I would think that if he really meant for the answer to be "there is no fish" that there wouldn't be so many other things that we must also assume with it. In order to have a red herring, one must first have a complete and viable story that works WITHOUT the red herring, and THEN add it to throw you off the right track. In this case, the roles are reversed and the entire problem would become a red herring. But if that were the case, why make up such an elaborate problem that could actually be solved in more than one way?

I suppose we'll never know for certain, but in the meantime, the ONLY possible person to have a pet that's anything besides a dog, bird, cat or horse is the German. Whether it's a fish or not, who can say?
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I get what the answer is but i don't understand on how you get it. I keep on trying and trying and trying!!!! Emotion: crying my brain feels as if it is going to burst!!!!!!!! [:^)] SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME UNDERSTAND!!! [:^)] help me understand on how to get the answer. I am going to go crazy if i can't figure this outEmotion: angry. Oh #@$%! Please help me understand. E-mail me atEmail Removed. We can go through step by step procedure until i can get it Emotion: whisper.
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