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I managed to get the answer, which is the same as most peope have come to agree on, but it took me a good 30 mins working through it, i dont see how anyone can really do this riddle in 5 mins! Obviously there are some v. clever people out there, but how did your logic manage to answer this in such a short period of time??
Ever heard the expression "don't believe everything you read" ?Emotion: wink
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only 2 percent can do it in their heads.
i think its the norwegian
im 16, and my iq is 133 according to some online iq test
it took me almost 40 min to do this, but i screwed up and had to restart so a lot of the time was wasted
but the answer is german
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The fault with this riddle lies in the 4th criteria:

The green house is to the left of the white house. (note other sources say 'on the left')

As any logic will tell you, 'on the left' or 'to the left of' does not necessarily mean immediately on the left of. It can also mean two three or four houses to the left.

As a result, there is a second answer to this riddle if you take it as meaning anywhere left of the white house.

Using this criteria, you can also get Dane, Yellow, Tea, Dunhill and Fish as the answer.

What do you think? and how do you view this criteria?

Shane Cripps
Phew, that was tricky. It took me an hour and a quarter to do it, without pencil and paper. I have an IQ of 155, and I have to say that was a challenge, unlike most of my schoolwork..........
Think about it, not many people have came here in the last... almost two years.... a few of the regulars but ... ***.... Don't belittle your peers, especially the ones who have got the same answer. Praise them and help the others who struggle.

And some sites say 'Directly to the left' and others say 'to the left' of the house.

Its just a riddle for fun.

I think the 3,000,000,000 / 60,000,000 is the most plausible 2% response but I'm not going to state facts, only my opinion.
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i totally think that it is the German Guy
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