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I failed to understand how you got that long string on which 4th letter rule was applied. Kindly tell me the same.
Hi. Two quick points:

1. There are approximately 6.4 billion people in the world. 2% of 6.4 billion is 128 million. 128 million people can, therefore, solve this problem. The population of Canada is approximately 33 million. Almost 4 Canadas can solve this problem.

2. This all depends on how used you are to these kinds of problems. A college-aged computer programmer could solve it easily and quickly, because he is used to solving logic problems like this one daily. However, a brilliant historian may take much longer.

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Oh, also, it's not a trick question. There's nothing tricky about it.
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I got it in roughly 25-30 minutes. 'Twas a bit of fun!
It wasn't all that hard to solve the answer, the harder part was getting everything else to match up, also the person that I got it was had faulty clues, easy to find the question though. I think that more than 2% of the population would be able to figure that out, its not overly hard.
The riddle is simple it you make a diagram of the houses listing the ment and their preferences beneath them punching in clues the individual who has the fish is from a country whose official name is Bundesrepublik Deutschland (so as not to ruin it for anyone)
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Well, after a heated debate with my friends about who owns the fish I finally convinced them that the guy who owns the fish is the guy who owns the fish pond/fishbowl.

Well, that is under the assumption that the fish is still alive and well and swimming around. True, there is a logical way of working out the nasionality of the owner,but why? He never asked in the riddle "What is the nasionality of the person who owns the fish"

As far as I see it, the "clues" are only useless info which is not part of the riddle itself. What is your thoughts on this?

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Its not as easy as some people makes it look, but here's the clue to solving it. draw a grid of houses by the parameters - nationality, pet, type of beverage, and type of cigar. List all possible options then start eliminating based on the hints given. The german, lives in a green house, smokes prince and drinks coffee is the one with the fish.

I spent about 55minutes figuring this out and I don't think I'm dumb. If u solve it in less than 30 minutes, i bet its guess work.
Guess, most of the persons who prepare to enter sotware enginnering industry in India would solve this within masx of 30 mins. Infosys has puzzles as tough as this to be solved in 15 mins in test/interview. For me, it was a not a big deal. (may be i'm lucky that the first assumption i made wsa right and i was building the rest upon it and things matched perfectly).
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Golly gosh...it's amazing how many people who wrote here managed to suck all the fun out of this...talking about how there's no fish mentioned in the clues and stuff like that...it's just a logic puzzle for cryin out loud! Lighten up!
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