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Don't Lighten up! This is serious!
This is about I am or I am not in the 5%.
So if you are not stay silent in the corner. =:)
einstein thought , this was tough and only 2% could solve it ? gimme a break
by the way the answer is " the guy wid the green house " .
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I am only 12, and I couldnt figure it out. My friend Jeff sent it to me, saying the one who has the fish is the one who he likes. I have been trying to figure it out with my friend, who is 11. We couldnt figure it out, and with the help of cheating on the internet, found out he likes the German. The German on the paper, is me. My friend Jeff likes me. Kinda weird. And NOT good. *** Even though I like him. Buh bye.
-.- i thought it was a really easy riddle...i was very upset when people said it was difficult...took me less than 20 minutes...but i really like riddles, maybe that helps....and the 2% thing, maybe he meant in a specific time... like 10 minutes or something...it took my brother like 3 days to figure this one out, i feel smart. ^-^
1. The Norwegian lives in the first house
2. The Norwegian lives next to the blue house so that means blue is second
3. I put red in the middle because green has to be on the left of right and the green house must drink coffee.
4. So the Norwegian lives in the yellow house
5. The middle house drinks coffee
6. The yellow house man smokes Dunhill
7. The blue house has a horse because there is no one of the left of the yellow house
8. The red owner is Brit
9. The blue house must smoke blends because he has a neighbor who drinks water and there is no other place to have a neighbor that drinks water so the yellow house drinks water
10. The Dane must live in the blue house for he drinks tea and that does not fit in white house for someone must drink beer and smoke blue master so the white house smokes beer and blue master
11. The German lives in the green house because it says the German smokes price and that does not fit in any other house
12. The Swede lives in the white house for all the other house’s have an owner and owns a dog as a pet
13. The Brit must smoke Pall Mall and own birds because everyone else smokes something
14. The yellow house owns cats because the one who smokes blends lives next to the one who keeps cats and to the right of him the birds live
15. So the Green house with the German owner who drinks coffee and smokes Price has a fish for a pet
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I think it was to easy. I'm 15 years old, and and never really solved a riddle before, and I expected it to take more than 30 min. Isn't there any harder riddles?

V.H. Dernhjelm
I completely agree with your conclusion about Einstein's 2% of the world concept but I believe that you are forgetting one small thing. EINSTEIN WAS NOT ALIVE IN PRESENT TIMES! In 1950 the world's population was only over 2 billion people. When two percent is taken from this the total estimate reaches about 50 million people. Now camparing that to 2 billion I believe that Einstein actually thought that only a small margain of people would actually be able to figure his riddle out. Obviously this riddle was supposed to be a little bit harder than everyone makes out.

I.Q, does not matter. I do not really care.
Hi drummer, and welcome. Are you related to all the other drummers who registered today?

Interesting comments about Eintein and IQ. Not only was the world population smaller, but proportionally fewer people had the opportunity of a good level of education.

You are not alone in doubting the relevence of IQ testing, and you may be interested in this page:

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What if the German died before he was discovered to be the owner of the fish? Would that mean the fish would be lost in a hypothetical space-time continuum ?? :-S
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