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I still don't understand how you got the German. Could someone please explain this to me?
wow.. this is really hard.. i think i'm part of the 98%
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Hello!!! I wonder if anyone did solve it... I fairly very good at logic and reasoning I have done good number of aptitute test successfully I could not find a solution... looking at the answer it seems easy but it's not ....

Took me about 25 minutes, that's relatively long compared to the rest of you I suppose haha but at least i solved it.

And it'd be way too hard to explain how I solved it, there's too many "If this, then that, but that can't be right, so the other must be it" kind of things

But to give you the German's answer you should get

German: GREEN house, smokes PRINCE, drinks COFFEE, and has a FISH
i got that answer.........but my paper says berman instead of german.......i'm 13 and it took me like 20 minutes....i feel like an idiot now
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it is the german
i am 12 years old and i figured it out
if a 12 year old kid is in the top 2% of all people in the world, then i'll be damned
o yah the guy who sed it was the dane in the green house was wrongEmotion: wink
i think that statistic is fake
i couldnt be in the top 2% of smartest people
and i can garuntee that more that 2% of people have figured it out by now
hahahahahaha i guess ur not in the top 2% of the smartest people! Emotion: wink
everyone else is a smarty pants 8-I
i dont get this, there simply is not enough data to accurately make a decision!!

i put all the data into a data grid, and there isnt enough there....

did you guess?
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Here's a hint: you are ALL wrong...except one person

the guest who said "i put all the data into a data grid, and there isnt enough there.... " is the only one out of all of you to get it right. Sure you may think its the German. But everyone who said the German was wrong. You come to the conclusion that the German has a pet, but there is no constriction saying for sure that it is a fish

The Brit has the bird, the Norwegian has the cats, the Swede has the dog, the Dane has the horse, and the German has a pet which is neither bird, nor cat, nor dog, nor horse.

only 2% of the worlds population is smart enough to question that it is not a pet of some other type not mentioned (like a giraffe or something). that is the key to the riddle. 98% of people are fine without questioning the need of another constraint, just as constraint just as 100% of people (besides einstein) failed to see the need to question the absolute nature of space and time.

THAT is the real answer. not the German. so i'm sad to say that all of your hours trying to be in the smartest 2% were wasted, because the guest before me is the only one who got it right.
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