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Hours? DAYS? I did it in 1 hour, it aint that hard. 2%? That must be a joke!
ok i did this when i was 13(2 years ago).

for every one who thinks there so smart because they figured this out get real .

first of all it is not an intellagence question.
it is all critical thinking.
obviously more kids will get then adults because adults will over think it.

and about that 2% thing do the math.
lets say there are 1,000,000 people even on the earth. 2% of 1,000,000 is 20,000.
so that is a very big area.
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or say there are 1,000,000,000 people 2% would be 20,000,000 that is even more,
and this on the erea of the earth, that would be big.[C][bah]Emotion: paradiseEmotion: umbrellaEmotion: football[P][F]
yea i know but it was just an example.

also if u think about we have some of the best education u can get in the world there r entire countries that might not be able to figure it out all.

i posted this because its 6 in the mornin and i have nothin better to do.

except sleep(yea right)

i joined this just to put out an example number
u know wat i think this thread has been forgotten by every one except speedy. lol
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I think you are right,
The industrial countries have the best education.
(Even if I think it is dangerous to think we have the best, ... )
There are many countries where the people have to fight to survive.
They have no time for thinking about strange riddles.
They are excluded from modern age, have no money for computers or even don't know what a computer is.
Welcome, jd.
also if u think about we have some of the best education u can get in the world

I think you mean "you"
I'm thirteen and did it in ten minutes - it's really quite easy!
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Ok, my education is not the best of the world.=:)
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