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the gaehrbmdagn everyfirst letterEmotion: whisper
the quote i read attributed to albert was that 98% will not solve the riddle and this may be the crux of the riddle in that only 2% choose to allot the time necessary to solve an imaginary riddle

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the answer is norwegian owns the fish!
Yes-u're right!Thats the true answer.I think-more than 2% can deal with it.But we live in a more logicall ,"clever" times than before.But I think not more than 5% of the World can deal with it.
I have to say to u to think about one thing-2% of the World is not 2% of your friends or ppl that u know..there are milllions of ppl who cant even read ,or they just have no desire to find the answer....So..maybe 2-5% of the World can deal with it:-)
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the german
I'm not that brilliant either and I got it in about 10 minutes. I think everyone is way off on the 2% thing. All you need to do is make 2 5 by 5 grids. One for what you know and the other to write down what you don't know. Then just keep reading through the list eliminating possibilities and once you get any 4 answers in the "don't know box", there you go. Every time you read down the list you can eliminate one thing or another. And the very last thing you can "deduce" is who has the fish. A very aptly named puzzle I guess. It was fun but not entirley that difficult. I got another easy one for everybody. here goes......

Three friends go to a hotel to get some rooms. When they arrive the clerk tells them they only have one room avalible. The friends decide to get the room and split the 30$ cost three ways.(must be a super 8) Each ponies up 10$ and heads to the room. Later the clerk decides he charged to much for the room and decides to give 5$ back to the men. He gives the money to the bellhop and asks him to deliver it to the room. On the way there the bellhop relizes that he cannot evenly split 5$ among 3 men, so he decides to pocket 2 of the dollars and give each of the men back 1 dollar. So the men each paid 9 dollars for the room a piece. 3 x 9 = 27, plus 2 dollars for the bellhop = 29 dollars. The question is where is the other dollar?
Most people here can speak english and the riddle is written in english, so that rules out a big percentage of the world.
Lets see how all you smart asses in the CIA or FBI can do if the problem is written in Urdu or whatever, then you will be dumb.

The rest of people probably haven't come across it or bothered solving it.

Anyway, if einsteins so smart, why is he dead?
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BubrThe riddle is not too tough, really. Einstein loved to joke, so don't get those 2% seriously. The General Relativity that he had developed is much more complicated thing, I must tell you. Emotion: smile

I think that those 2% refer to the ones that can solve it only by reading it !
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