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That's what he said. Who knows, maybe he said that just to get people to try it.Emotion: smile
I think he did just add in the 2% to get people to try it... I bet most people who try it and keep trying will get it eventually... or maybe Einstein didnt think people were that smart 1 century ago.
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I can't believe me, an eleven year old figured out Einsteins riddle "Who has the fish"
He said only 2% of the world could do it an i am one of them.Wow! [Emotion: party]
Congratulations. You are now one of the elite!
I have the answere which is the Green house
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The riddle is not too tough, really. Einstein loved to joke, so don't get those 2% seriously. The General Relativity that he had developed is much more complicated thing, I must tell you. Emotion: smile

From Einstein's joking quotes there is one that I like a lot. A school girl once wrote a letter to him saying that she was upset with her difficulties with math at her school. 'Don't worry about your difficulties with Mathematics', - answered Einstein. 'I can assure you mine are still greater'.
The answer is the German owns the fish.
I solved it in one hour, how long did it take the rest of you? (and that's without any help from other people)
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I don't think that any of you solved the problem. Read this again: "The green house is to the left of the white house". That doesn't mean that is near the white house, but to the left of it.
So retake this problem.

If the green house is in the NEAR LEFT of the white house the problem seems solvable. If not, then.... [:^)]
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