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The solution based on the assumption that the green house is next to the white house and stands to the left to it, - this solution fits all the 'equations'. In this solution the German has the fish.

If you can find another solution where the green house is to the left, but not next to the white one, it'd be great. But if such solution doesn't exist, it doesn't mean that German is not the owner of the fish, right? So the problem is solved, imho.
The answer is really quite simple. There is no fish...the bird ate it and then since it had a full stomach, couldn't escape when the cat came along which in turn ate the bird. Since the cat needed to wash it down, it went to the middle house for some milk but I think the dog was somewhere nearby so it jumped on the cat and tore it to bits. Since the Swedish man freaked out when he saw what his dog was doing (he'd been drinking and smoking too much at the time), he jumped on what he thought was his horse, but which in fact was one his neighbour's, and he took off. Of course his neighbour wasn't very happy with this so he set fire to the Swedish man's house which consumed all the evidence. So there is no fish or remains anywhere.
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The answer is off course German!
Because he has fish and sausages and beer every day!Emotion: wink
Thas the answer.......
Clue for the answerEmotion: smile
reverse the word and it'll be the CAPITAL of the answer... he he!!
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i thought at least 25% could!
this has to be 1 of the hardest riddles ever made einstein was a genious!!!!

(i still solved it and im only young!) Emotion: smile
my friend and i found the answer we took only 15 minutes!!!!
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it is clear that the Danish guy who lives in the green house and smokes the price and drinks coffee has the fish as a pet
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