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I've needed 20 minutes, and a little bit of luck.
But my last IQ-Test said IQ = 95.
So 2% can never be true. I think he said this just to calm everyone down, who
want's to know: Am I? Am I? Intelligent? Albert? Say It! Please!
Emotion: storm
Emotion: crying
i'm thinking is the answer german Emotion: tongue tied
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... it wasn't that difficult.

I'm 12 years old and felt it was rather simple. Hmm...
Hi all, would you please make it a bit clear for me, how do you know that the German one has the fish, I tried to know but I did not get why? Emotion: indifferent
its a simple logic proof, anyone that can pass 8th grade math, at least where i come from would be able to solve that "proof"
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i'm 17 and i did it for less than 15 mins.... :\

it was interesting tho Emotion: big smile

sumone knows similar stuff like this?
I am amazed that no-one has noticed but in the riddle there is NO reference to fish at all!!
Some pets are mentioned but NO fish.

The answer then is that the riddle cannot be solved with the data available.
Sorry but you can not prove he hasn't the fish.

I've heard somewhere something like this:

You have a Problem and some Rules
First you make a guess for a rule that solves your problem.
Then as long as nothing proves that the rule is wrong, you have to see it as prove for the rule.

And philosophically:
Einstein wrote this riddle last century and said that 98% of the world’s population would not be able to solve it.
So 2% can solve it.

But for me that's all too philosophically or scientifically.

In my opinion the German keeps the fish.
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i solved it in around 3-5 min, do u know of ne thing harder
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