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*no *** ^_^

These things are easy to solve if you just think of them as puzzles where different pieces of information that you know are supposed to stick together fit in different places.. figuring out a good WAY of solving them is more than half the work... after I had done that it was easy to just put the pieces together.Emotion: smile
took about 10-15 minutes
Kinda obvious. About 5 minutes to solve it. I promise.


I didn't look at any of the answers.
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ok, how about assuming einstein meant "to the left of" but it doesn't mean "adjacent"

does this solution work?

1 2 3 4 5

norwegian german swedish british danish
green blue yellow red white
fish cat dog horse bird
coffee water milk beer tea
blend princce dunhill bluemaster pallmall

To the Person who posted on April 16th. Your solution works great if if the green house does not have to be adjacent to the white.
Good job, Congratulations
This quiz is supposed to have been written by Einstein. He said that 98% of the people in the world cannot solve the quiz. Could you be among the other 2%?

This is a striaght forward problem. This is supposed to be one of the questions that potential Microsoft, NASA, CIA, FBI, etc. employees are asked, and they are given 5 minutes to answer it.

i got this in 2 and a half min... im in tha CIA so i had to pass this and a numerous of test's....
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to the buddy who posted

43jyakeo43nu djra393rjfje swkg31jainy
(Every fourth letter)

It must be a hard life, for somone who can't count till four.
He can't come to CIA.

Five minutes is not very hard in MIB you had to do it in two, and you had no table. =:)
the german
you are the cleverest.
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The answer is the German. The German has the fish. here are the answers to everything

German Dane British Norwegian Swede
Tea X O X X X
Coffee O X X X X
Milk X X O X X
Beer X X X X O
Water X X X O X
Red X X O X X
Yellow X X X O X
White X X X X O
Green O X X X X
Blue X O X X X
Blends X O X X X
Prince O X X X X
Dunhill X X X O X
Pall Ma X X O X X
Blue-masX X X X O
Bird X X O X X
Cat X X X O X
Horse X O X X X
Dog X X X X O
Fish O X X X X
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