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my friend that is correct, allso he smokes Rothmans, drinks coffe, lives in the 4th house and he is a cross dresser(i just made that up)
the answer is the german as he is the only one who doesn't have a pet but has his own brand
of ciggerettes prince cigs
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I'm pretty sure Einstein wants to help people build their self esteem
This was designed to make people feel theyr special

Kinda insulting don't ya think?
I have done it !!!!Emotion: smile)))
I got the answer and did feel special. At my age I need a boost now and then. My kids think I'm an idiot! A question: How do we know this is really Einstein's riddle and not someone else's?
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you kids and your superstitions. Einstein wass a smart fellow. He dealt in logic. That's what seperates the intellectual elite in this world from the average people. The smartest people in the world will be able to figure this out regardless of age. It is a simple logic problem. I did some research and found that even ol' Al himself said it was easy, but that most people just can't think logically. Ergo, only 2% will probably figure this out, because the rest over complicate it. It was a simple quiz, one that took me about 3 minutes to figure out. If you can do it, great. You're a logical thinker. If you can't, no sweat. It doesn't mean you are an idiot. It means you haven't developed your brain to think logically. Who cares. Get on with your life.
Could there be any other answers if the green house is not adjacent to the white one?
Sorry but you are wrong; the ability of dealing with logic doesn't separate the intellectual elite from the rest of the world.
My computer deals with logic hundred times faster than everyone, but you would not say it is a genius. And there is more than finding scientific theories that make someone a genius. E.g. Shakespear, Mozart, Van Goch. You don't need to be a genius to move the world e.g.Dian Fossey, Martin Luther King.
What is the use of such theories anyway? Do better machines make our lives fulfilled? Does e=*** help us to solve the question who we are?
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Considering that this is a logic riddle, it amazes me that there is one detail that everyone has overlooked...

The only conclusion regarding pets that can logically be drawn is that the German does not own a bird, cat, dog, or horse.

There is no rule specifying that a fish is owned by anyone. Perhaps this is why 98% get it wrong.
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